IMAGES BY INDA: Blog en-us (C) IMAGES BY INDA [email protected] (IMAGES BY INDA) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:54:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:54:00 GMT IMAGES BY INDA: Blog 114 120 My clients have turned me into a ROCK-STAR DESTINATION PHOTOGRAPHER! Well, at least I feel like one! A Formal Affair: Roman & Catherine Engagement Photo shoot by Images By IndaRoman waltzes with his fiancé Catherine at the skateboarding park on Venice Beach, months before their lovely wedding at Lake Tahoe. Photos by Images By Inda, Los Angeles, CA. Two of my favorite Clients, Roman Bruno is well-known as LA's Best Realtor, and his beautiful wife Catherine is an incredible actress. Inda also shoots their website photos and head shots, as well as their family photos. Images by Inda is owned by Los Angeles' top headshot photographer, Inda Reid.  Inda also specializes in Family Portraits, Weddings and Commercial and Architectural photography.


I'm a busy freelance wedding and headshot photographer based in Los Angeles, California.  Recently, I've had an incredible time traveling to places like Malibu, Lake Tahoe, Santa Ynez, Brooklyn, Austin, Washington D.C., Wisconsin and even Hawaii and Panama for various shoots.  Lately, my short-notice wedding bookings have become increasingly frequent from references and word of mouth.  I can't complain.  I've shot more weddings in the last 6 months than my whole photography career combined.  Because it's been utter madness,  I have recently discovered WHY wedding photographers charge so much:  The workload is ASTONISHING; especially if you include video services, as I do.  I have always hailed headshots as my specialty, with many of my (now famous) clients returning regularly for a shoot here and there. I love shooting headshots and editorials will never stop- but I have learned one crucial lesson: As an artist, I must take care to not over-work myself and book a wedding because someone happens to need a photographer on short notice.  If I do too many (too close together), it can completely ruin my "groove" and worst of all compromise my post-production workflow.  I now require at least a six-month window to Book a wedding with me, so I can adequately handle the post-production (which is many more hours than our clients realize).

I don't like the thought, or even worse, the feeling that someone's special day may be potentially compromised due to my workload.  I notice I'm having to constantly re-evaluate my business model and pay closer attention to timely production and workflow.  As an artist, to stay true to my Wedding photography clients ~ I vow to take the following oath:

I not only consider myself a photographer, but also an artist.  To give the most important day of your life, the quality, time, work and attention to detail you deserve, I have solemnly vowed NEVER to book more than 30 weddings per year.   Although demand is high for my work, and I could potentially book more, I feel it is an absolute necessity to give my clients,  my complete personal attention to detail. They should be able to contact me whenever you need me, give me personal input on their albums, wedding day planning, prints, and slideshows, and freely discuss any concerns or ideas you may have for your special day.  Each wedding has it’s own specific style and vision that the bride and groom have in mind, and my goal is to bring that vision into reality; to assist in the couple in creating an unforgettable experience with many magical moments, that will last a lifetime in their hearts.  Of course, this beautiful day should instantly which reflects in your photos, and I will do my utmost to make that happen.

Warm Regards,


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Phone: (818) 679-0987

SHOWN BELOW: Two of my favorite Clients Roman & Catherine Bruno of Venice, CA with their wedding guests on Pier 14, Lake Tahoe.  Roman Bruno is well-known as LA's Best Realtor, and his beautiful wife Catherine is an incredible actress.  Inda also shoots their website photos and head shots, as well as their family photos.


Keep Tahoe Blue: NOT!!!! A happy ending on Pier 14 at Lake TahoeTwo of my favorite Clients Roman & Catherine Bruno of Venice, CA with their wedding guests on Pier 14, Lake Tahoe. Roman Bruno is well-known as LA's Best Realtor, and his beautiful wife Catherine is an incredible actress. Inda also shoots their website photos and head shots, as well as their family photos.

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ESCAPE FROM N.Y.: Actor Nick Champa is ready to take off!

For the second time, I was able to shoot headshots for Actor Nick Champa, who has hit the ground running since his move to L.A. two years ago.  As a headshot photographer, every now and then I encounter an actor with that certain "something" that will make him (or her) a shoe-in for T.V. and Film industry.  And very rarely, as in the case with client Austin Butler or Nick Champa, I encounter the winning personality that I have no doubt will make him a STAR.  Nick is not only a trained actor, but he's a good person, with deep family roots, a strong objective and honest values;  which is difficult to find in many of the young Hollywood talent today.  Here is a little sit down interview that I was able to have with Nick. (See Below)


INDA:  Tell me how you got here, Nick?


"I started acting about 3 years ago. During my last couple of months of high school I had no idea what I was going to apply to school for. I had always loved taking photos and writing but it just didn’t seem to fully satisfy me. I always wanted to try acting but honestly I was too afraid to commit but I finally decided that I would take an acting class and see if I liked it. After a few weeks of taking this class I began to really fall in love with it and I began to see a path through life that I wanted to take. I decided to audition for some of the biggest acting programs in the country to test my luck and it paid off. I was accepted into the BFA acting program at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. After a year of intense training I decided that I wanted to make the next big jump and head to Los Angeles.  I packed up my car, left NYU and drove across country with a few of my friends to start the next chapter.

INDA:  So that was two years ago? I remember shooting you when you were 18 years old.


"I can’t believe it’s almost been 2 years now in Los Angeles. I’ve grown up in this city and it’s not only showed me how to be a hardworking, strong, brave actor but it’s also allowed me to become who I always was meant to be. It’s been definitely crazy but very progressive. From finding managers and working with big agencies, from several auditions a week to none for extended periods of time, I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs. I’ve managed to get myself in couple big music videos, a couple guest star roles and work with some really talented and big people. Most recently I got to be in a promo video for Pretty Little Liars and the movie The Forest for ABC family, now FreeForm.  That opened up so many doors for me, especially for this year. I promised myself that 2016 would be my year and I plan on making that happen. My main goal  for this year is to really find my footing as an actor and to catapult upward from that platform."

Well. Nick, your mama should be proud!  We have no doubt that you will be catapulting your way to the stars in no time.  We wish you much love and luck for your continued success and will be so pleased to say, "we knew him when . . ."

For more on Nick Champa, to contact his manager (or just to keep up with his career) please visit his official website at  


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Sally + Jonathan: New Year's Wedding at The Rococo Room in Old Pasadena Images by Inda Photography had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of Sally and Jonathan on December 30th, 2015 at the lovely Rococo Room in Old Town Pasadena.  The night was filled with laughter and tears as the two families became one: The groom, Jonathan, has three beautiful girls from a previous marriage; and our bride, Sally, has two children from her previous husband who passed away six years ago.  Sally and Jonathan also have a gorgeous new-born daughter together named Charley, which makes their total kiddo headcount six! Let me tell you, six children did not stop Jonathan and Sally from having a blast at their intimate wedding. Everyone including the grandmas were dancing and creating mayhem to the tunes of Rio and Yoli of THIS DJ Mobile. Yoli was awesome on the microphone and Rio's DJ skills and knack for music kept everyone on their feet the entire night. If anything, having all the kids there to cut-the-rug it made it a memorable and meaningful night for the entire family. 

This was the first wedding booked by Images By Inda through WEDDING.COM which is a unique online platform that helps introduce engaged couples to potential wedding vendors. When I saw Sally's profile on, she mentioned that she had six children and was blessed to be having an intimate ceremony in Pasadena.  I wrote her an email through the site, explaining that I was also from a large family with many siblings, and I would have a blast photographing the kids.  After she checked out my website, photographs and bio, she asked for a contract right away!  I met up with Sally and her beautiful children weeks before the wedding to discuss the first look, the wedding portraits, and all the creative ideas I envisioned for their day.  I had only joined as a vendor about week prior to booking this particular wedding, so needless to say, I was pretty darned happy with the service! Most of my wedding clients are from referrals or clients that have hired me in the past (either from headshots, commercial shoots, etc.).  Sally and Jonathan's wedding was the first lead I received through an outside source, and it ended up being an incredible experience that was beneficial for everyone involved.

Our beautiful bride Sally has since written Images by Inda a  5-Star review on and on YELP, and we have already discussed a few shoots (family and Baby Portraits) we are going to do in the near future.  

I cannot thank enough for their "introduction" to this remarkable couple and very special family.  Though this advantageous platform, I not only booked a wedding, but I received a new repeat client and dear friends for life. 

In addition to shooting at the Rococo Room that was beautifully decorated and coordinated by Julie Jenkins at Interior Scapes; we also shot a few photos at historic Pasadena City Hall, beforehand.  Julie was vivaciously coordinating and directing with unlimited energy the entire evening, making sure everything ran perfectly smooth.  That way, our beautiful newlyweds could just sit back, relax and watch everything unfold, stress-free.

Will you take this bride?Jonathan can't get enough of his beautiful bride. Photographed outside the entrance of the Rococo Room on Colorado Street in Old Town Pasadena by Images by Inda. Jonathan steals a kiss from his new bridePhotographed by Images by Inda The Rococo Room: A view from abovePhotographed by Images by Inda Jonathan & DalLocation: Pasadena City Hall, Pasadena California Photographed by Images by inda Daughters of BeautyLocation: Pasadena City Hall, Pasadena California - Photographed by Images by Inda


Rio of THIS DJ! spins with a smile.Rio Displayed an incredible light show and mad DJ skills. Contact them at

This DJ! husband/wife team, Yoli & Rio.Rio and Yoli, our DJ and MC and incredible husband/wife team have been working weddings for over 10 years. Contact them at

No! THANK YOU!!! ;-)




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